How To Pick The Best Tactical Knife

Generally,the best tactical knives have their edges serrated to prevent them from dulling.Steel or titanium are choices of blade-material worth considering. Titanium is more expensive and slightly harder of the two. However, steel is the more ideal for most functions.

The handle of good tactical knives should fit snugly. It should also not be too slippery or crack/tear when extended pressure is exerted. Good tactical knives have their handles made of stabilized materials such as titanium, stainless steel and plastic composites. Such handles cannot shrink or absorb liquids such as sweat and oil.

Handles made of bones, ivory or wood are porous and become fragile overtime. Additionally, its tip point should be sharp and thick to prevent it from breaking.

The Best Tactical Knife

The size of a tactical knife should match its purpose. For instance, short tactical knives have proven to be better than longer ones in tight situations. However, longer knives are more useful for general purposes. Additionally, the grip of tactical knives should be soft and comfortable. The knife should sit comfortably on the hand regardless of whether the user is using a reverse or forward grip.

There are various factors that come into play when looking for a knife that feels right and comfortable such as typical grip of the user and the spacing of their fingers. The best tactical knives should not have pinch points or sharp corners to prevent them from getting in the way during a stressful situation such as combat. Therefore, the best tactical knife should be comfortable and secure to a the user while holding it.


The design and purpose should be the guiding factors in choosing a tactical knife. The purpose for which the knife is intended determines the design of the best tactical knife for that particular purpose. A tactical knife merely for camping should be light to carry and heavy in utilization. The best tactical knife for protection should be small in size (for concealment purposes) and easier to handle.